from “It Should Happen to You”

Anybody remember Gladys Glover?

Last night I watched the 1954 Judy Holliday film It Should Happen to You, Jack Lemmon’s first major role, directed by George Cukor. Holliday, most famous for winning the Best Actress Academy Award for her role as “brassy blonde” Billie Dawn in Cukor’s 1950 film Born Yesterday, plays true to type. In what is said to be her least sympathetic role, she plays Gladys Glover, a model/actress who has come to New York to make a name for herself. When she can’t seem to do that (having been fired from a girdle ad for being 3/4…

Susan Sink

poet, writer, gardener, cook. I’m the author of three books of poetry. Pedigreed at Stanford and Sarah Lawrence. I blog at

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